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I would rate Ryan 10 out of 10, and would highly recommend to others. Ryan managed to get excellent results for me right from the beginning. Ryan’s attention to correct training techniques and a thorough understanding of health and nutrition, and genuine attitude is obvious as it translated into results I am very happy with. Thanks Ryan. – Chris

Just wanted to give you an update after the hip stretches and assisted stretch from this morning. It is amazing how much relief I got simply from the stretches this morning. It was 3 hours ago now and I am still feeling the effects. Thank you for taking the time to dig a little deeper to find the source of the problems instead of allowing me to keep aggravating it. – Patsy

I started with Ryan on August 1, 2011 just hoping to get into slightly better shape – but not very optimistic as past programs had not worked for me. Six months later I have lost 25 pounds, my knees don’t hurt and I feel much healthier!!! – Lesley

Thanks to Ry’s personal coaching, proper nutrition and tremendous encouragement, I have maximized my results in a time frame suitable to my busy schedule and family responsibilities! – Jo-Ann

When I first met Ryan in 2012 I weighed over 280 lbs and had been developing knee problems. Ryan coached me through a year long, life changing transformation and helped me develop a permanently healthy lifestyle. Over the last year he has shared his knowledge of sports nutrition to help create and sustain my new healthy life style. In summary Ryan Sleigh has played an integral role in helping me save my life. – Andrew

Working with Ryan is one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s no wonder he is so highly sought after! – Sonia

Hi Ryan – I have to say, at this moment, right now, my legs feel better than they have in the last 10 years!! Thank you! – Carol

Despite being familiar with Ryan prior to hiring him, his support and expertise absolutely blew me away. I can safely say that he was a critical part of my success, and that I would not have achieved the same results without him. No matter where you’re at or what your goals are, you can trust Ryan to help you achieve your maximum potential. – Jim


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